Agrochemicals. Fertilizers. Processing. Commodity Trading.

Batu Agribusiness & Producers

Batu Agribusiness and Producers (BAP) was formed in 06th June 2021 to fill a gap in the Zambian agricultural business sector for a company able to provide production and value addition services for agricultural commodities. BAP deals in commodities such as Maize, Tabbacco, Sorghum, Groundnuts, Sunflower, Soya Beans and Cotton at cost reflective pricing structure for our Suppliers and Buyers. BAP promotes sustainable farming & agriculture practices in its value production chain.

Out Sourcing Farming
Commodity Trading
  • Maize
  • Soya Beans
  • Cotton
  • Tobacco
Manufacturing of Feeds
    •   Poultry feeds
    •   Animal Feeds
    Farming of Value Crops
    • Tomatoes
    • Cabbages
    • Potatoes
    Hass Avocado Plantation
    Farming of Fruits and Bananas
    Poultry Farming
    • Layers
    • Boilers
    • Free Range
    Piggery Farming
    • Processing
    • Production
    Diary Business
    Fish Farming
    • Tilapia   
    • Crayfish
    • Cat Fish
    Supplying of Agro-Chemicals + Fertilizers
    Goats/ Sheep/ Cattle Feedlot Business